Valentine review

This weekend was a whirlwind of excitement & exhaustion and has left me with not only thorns in my hands & a sugar hangover (also a real hangover) but an overwhelming love and appreciation for everyone in my life. Not to get too sappy here, but after being showered with adorable Valentine’s from my flower family, a sweet date the boy, drinks and a terrible movie with my ladies, and long overdue catching up with some old friends, I can’t help but stop and remind myself how lucky I am.

I’m sure by now everyone is sick of Valentine’s Day though so I’ll keep this little update brief:


This year at the shop we exchanged valentines, complete with individually styled mailboxes and special greetings that could have warmed even the blackest of hearts.


Our annual petal toss was also a great success. In the middle of all the craziness, it brought us child like joy and got us outside to at least see the sun for a few minutes before receding back down to the basement sweatshop workshop studio.






Thousands of red roses later, and I was able to spend time with my sweetie. Part of my valentine gift to him included one of his all time favourite desserts; Sex in a pan (or the G rated version “handshake in a pan”, as Kyla informed me earlier.) Whatever you call it, its layers of pistachio deliciousness.


  I used a recipe I’d been harboring on Pinterest since we first started dating, and you check it out here. I’d never attempted it before and it would have been relatively quick and easy had I not taken on the challenge of lining 10 flimsy dollar store heart shaped tins with a shortbread crust. It was Valentine’s Day though, dammit, and these things were going to be adorable if it killed me.



Of course I couldn’t forget my furry valentine who got to nibble a heart shaped strawberry.


The rest of the weekend was spent with some fantastic friends, and a bit of Netflix in between, as I attempted to recover my sanity. While It may have been a step backward mentally to sit through 50 shades of garbage, the Caesars at the VIP Theatre, and the infectious laughing fits that ensued were totally worth it!


Whether it be with your friends, your family, or that special someone, I hope everyone found a way to give and receive love this past weekend.



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